Péter Szilágyi, Gergely Végvári

Edit Cservenka, Szilvia Fekete, Dániel Kármán

18. 06. 2021. – 03. 07.


Vajda Museum


Zsuzsa Iberhalt


17 June 2021, 18:30

The annual Barcsay Prize for emerging artists under 35 years of age is awarded by the Jenő Barcsay Foundation for Fine Arts, founded by the heirs-in-law Mr. and Mrs. Kónya. The young artists’ works submitted to the Foundation’s competition were judged by the Board of Trustees, which included Kossuth Prize-winning painter János Aknay, Munkácsy Prize-winning painters Péter Bereznai and József Baksai, founder and Board member Ferenc Kónya and art writer Balázs Feledy, Chairman of the Board of Trustees. The main objective of the award is to support the professional path of emerging young painters who stand out from their peers through their submission and talent.

The exhibition, a collaboration between the Jenő Barcsay Fine Arts Foundation and the Ferenczy Museum Center, will open a two-week exhibition at the Vajda Museum featuring the works of the 2019 and 2020 winners. In 2019 Péter Szilágyi and Gergely Végvári, and in 2020 Edit Cservenka, Szilvia Fekete and Dániel Kármán won the professional award related to the artistic heritage of Jenő Barcsay. The exhibition presents a representative selection of the winning portfolios submitted to the competition. The Barcsay Prize will be awarded too at the opening ceremony on 17 June.